July 19-28, 2024


Haulin’ in Style


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In previous years, it was difficult for the parades committee to haul wagons and stagecoaches to other venues and protect them from the elements. This year the parades committee will be using a trailer specially designed by NASCAR to haul their equipment.

The new Haulmark trailer was specially equipped to load and haul wagons and stagecoaches.  Designed with a motorized door, extended ramp, and a motorized pulley system volunteers will be able to load and unload parade equipment on their own.

Before when the Parades Committee hauled equipment for repair or the wagons were taken to other venues for display, the risk for damage was always apparent. Many of the wagons and stagecoaches costing as much as $80,000 antiques, or pieces built from scratch it is unsavory to have it damaged during travel or by the elements.

“We could put a tarp over the equipment, but flapping would cause the paint to chip.” Parades Chairman, Jimmy Dean Siler said.  “If we went without a tarp then we’d be scrubbing bugs upon our arrival, and that’s not how precious items should be treated.”

In addition to the CFD logo and mission statement, the trailer’s exterior contains “Cheyenne Frontier Days POWERED BY VOLUNTEERS” which the Parades Chairman takes pride in.

“This trailer really belongs to the volunteers,” Siler said. “The volunteers are the ones who give their time to work on these wagons and to haul them on their own time to other venues.”

When the trailer is not in use by the Parades Committee it can be used as a backup trailer for the Rodeo Committee.