July 19-28, 2024


Stories from Frontier Nights with Chancey Williams and Bob Romeo

When you get two veterans of Frontier Nights together, chances are… they’re going to have some pretty great stories to share. 

Today, you’ve got a seat at the table to hear some of the best, straight from Wyoming country music artist Chancey Williams and Bob Romeo of Romeo Entertainment Group—the agency responsible for bringing everyone from Garth Brooks to Post Malone to our legendary Frontier Nights stage. 

Episode #2:
Stories from Frontier Nights with Chancey Williams and Bob Romeo

Listen in as these fine gentlemen reflect on some of their favorite stories from behind the scenes, including:

  • Why Bob credits Randy Travis and Sawyer Brown for getting his foot in the door in Cheyenne

  • How Chris LeDoux checked off his number-one bucket list item at CFD’s 100th Anniversary celebration

  • Where in Frontier Park Chancey credits as the place that gave his band their foundation

  • Stories from behind the scenes with Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, and George Strait

  • Why the Contract Acts office keeps a framed photo of Garth Brooks and Chris LeDoux shaking hands

  • How the South Dakota highway patrol helped bring the Oak Ridge Boys to Frontier Nights

  • Creative ways we’ve worked around Wyoming weather to ensure the show goes on

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