July 19-28, 2024


Master Land Use Plan


Overall Site Plan highlights several key modifications to improve land use and circulation during the event:

  1. New entry gate/ticket office
  2. Improved parking lots
  3. Converted south entry to VIP with second level terrace
  4. New multi-purpose building with exhibit hall, CFD headquarters, and second level public terrace
  5. New amphitheater/outdoor pavilion
  6. Expanded B & C stands with new restrooms and improved food and beverage areas
  7. New elevate walkway and overlook to connect B & C Stands with East Stands and expanded Chute 9
  8. New box suites
  9. New tunnel access to East Stands
  10. Expanded Museum with carriage and curatorial exhibits

A new entry gate and ticket office is proposed on Carey Avenue to improve the visitor experience and shuttle bus operations. The new entry is aligned with east stands and routes the visitor through vendor tents and exhibits into Old Frontier Town.

The south entry gate will be converted to a VIP entry with a two-story ticket assistance building with a second level VIP terrace with views of the stadium. Removing and relocating exhibit hall will provide more space for an outdoor amphitheater / pavilion close to the action of midway carnival.

To increase the capacity of B and C stands, the most cost effective expansion removes the lower bleacher seating sections. By capturing the area between to front of the current stands and the track, a single, efficient seating section will result in increased capacity, improved sight lines and better acoustics during concerts. The addition of 2,415 seats, plus 96 ADA and companion seats, provide a total of 15,116 fixed general seats. The new permanent seating section also provides a larger area for restrooms, beverage, concessions and merchandising.

The popularity and unique nature of Chute 9 suggests it would be beneficial to expand the top level viewing area nearly doubling the size of this zone and providing the same close-in viewing of the rodeo action. The proposed elevated walkway provides a connection between the B & C stands and the east stands, and creates a unique opportunity for view the action from above. The proposed box suites increase sponsorship opportunities. Optional rooftop patio areas allow for viewing of both daytime rodeo and evening concert events.