July 19-28, 2024


Season Ticket Club Policy & Guidelines


For the purposes of the following sections, definitions are as follows:

Transfer(s): shall mean any transfer of possession or use of a ticket by an Club Member to a third party (in each instance whether such third party is a person or entity).

Permitted Transfer: shall mean a Transfer that is authorized or specifically exempted from these Ticket Transfer Restrictions.

Non-Permitted Transfer: shall mean a Transfer specifically prohibited or determined by CFD to be unauthorized under these Ticket Transfer Restrictions.

As an Club Member with Cheyenne Frontier Days™ (CFD), you are a valued and important part of our organization. All information on your account and any orders must be valid and is subject to verification. To assure prompt and efficient response to your needs, we kindly request your compliance with the following policies and guidelines:


A Club Member is the permanent account holder (person/ business) on the original application of the tickets, and that person/business is assigned on the account. For your protection, we will only accept payments, address changes, transfer requests, and inquiries from the person designated as the Club Member, his/her spouse, or a legal representative.

A Club Membership in the name of a business should designate a representative, (whose name will appear on the second line of the account information) to make such changes and inquiries. Requests to change the contact person of a business must be submitted in writing on the company/entity letter and signed by an authorized officer.

Club Members may not transfer or sell access to their account.

Club Members secure the best seats at the best prices for all events based on preference and availability. On-park discounts as defined annually, exclusive invitations to pre-sales, flexible payment plans, access for season paid parking opportunities, and the ability to participate in the resale/consignment program.


Ownership of seat locations is controlled by CFD. CFD retains all rights to seat locations for all events. A Club Member obtains the right in the form of a ticket to use the seat location for each season. CFD in its absolute and sole discretion may revoke ownership at any time upon misconduct without refund.

Once Club Membership tickets have been reserved and approved, changes may not be made until the following year.


Season Tickets are revocable licenses. CFD reserves the right to refuse admission or remove any person whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly or in noncompliance with the CFD Fan Code of Conduct.

The purchase of a Membership does not entitle a Club Member to purchase Memberships in any subsequent year. The opportunity to renew Club Memberships is a privilege granted by CFD, and privileges may be withdrawn at CFD’s discretion. CFD has and will continue to exercise reasonable efforts to allow Club Members the opportunity to renew Club Memberships, CFD reserves the rights to review all accounts before offering Memberships the following season.

A change of information must come from the Club Member by completing the Club Change of Information Form at

The primary method of communication is email, and it is the responsibility of the Club Member(s) to make sure all contact information is up to date. Invoices not received due to personal information changes, are the sole responsibility of the Club Member.


There is only one Club Account allowed per household with a maximum of two (2) members of record. The term household means, but is not limited to, adults (individuals over the age of 18) related by blood or marriage living in a single dwelling, spouses, and domestic partners recognized under the laws of the state in which the Club Member(s) lives.


Subject to these policies and guidelines, a Club Member has an opportunity to renew the current assigned seat locations for the following year’s event. The opportunity to renew is a privilege granted by CFD and is exercised when payment is received for the Club Membership in the amount specified by the deadline established by CFD. This renewal privilege is revocable by CFD at any time prior to payment or if payment is not received by the deadline on the invoice.

CFD will exercise reasonable efforts to maintain renewal privileges for Club Members, however, Members are not guaranteed this opportunity. CFD will consider, among other things, violations of the Club Member rules, regulations, and policies. Such violations include but are not limited to: any unapproved transfer or attempt to transfer seat locations or possessing an Club Membership primarily for resale purposes and not for their own personal use.


Club Membership renewal invoices will be issued at the discretion of CFD and payment deadlines will be specified on the invoice. Accounts not meeting the payment deadline are subject to cancellation and release to the public. If tickets are released, reapplication will be necessary for the following year. There are no guarantees same seats will be reassigned. Once tickets are released, members must reapply, and new seat assignments will be based on availability.

CFD will contact current Club Members regarding renewals via email in the fall of each year. Once you receive your renewal information and renew your tickets for the following year, you can pay for tickets by logging into your account.

All payments received for Club Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Club Membership Tickets will be accessible once tickets go on sale to the public each year. Tickets will not be accessible in your account prior to this time. Each season is determined by the announcement date.

Mobile Delivery via the AXS App will be the automatic delivery option for ALL tickets.

Printed Tickets and Will Call will be by request only. It is the member of the account who will be required to call the Ticket Office or submit in writing the request to receive tickets in an alternate delivery method. Please make sure your account address is up to date. Non-deliverable tickets will be returned to the Ticket Office and may be picked up in person at Will Call during business hours.


Club Memberships may be transferred or willed ONLY to an immediate family member of an individual Club Member. No other transfers or willing of Club Memberships will be recognized as valid.

If the Club Member is willing their tickets, the beneficiary’s name should be placed on file with CFD by contacting the Ticket Office.

If the Club Member passes away without naming a beneficiary, the executor of the estate or another authorized representative of the state must complete the Club Member Transfer & Will Form. If the deceased Club Member has included the transfer of his/her CFD tickets in a will to the spouse, domestic partner, civil union or to a child, the tickets will be transferred to the person identified.

No other transfers will be recognized as CFD tickets do not convey a property right to the Club Member.

If there is no will, Club Memberships will automatically be transferred to the surviving spouse, domestic partner or person joined by civil union.

If no spouse, domestic partner, or person joined by civil union survives the Club Member, then the surviving children will be offered the opportunity to become a Club Member. If the children of the Club Member are unable to unanimously agree on the division of the tickets or there is a dispute between them, the tickets will revert to CFD.


Upon divorce or [legal] separation, CFD will honor an order of the court directing the retention or transfer of a Club Membership. Without a valid court order, the tickets shall revert to CFD who may divide the tickets equally. If this is not submitted by the invoice due date, the Club Membership will be closed permanently.


If it is determined by CFD that any individual or entity is re-selling any of their Club tickets on the secondary market, the Club Member may be classified as a Ticket Reseller. Ticket Resellers may not be eligible for Club Membership. Resale of any tickets for more than face value will result in forfeiture of all rights.

*According to the Cheyenne, Wyoming Code of Ordinances 5.76.090, the resale of Cheyenne Frontier Days Tickets may not be conducted within 1,000 feet of Frontier Park.

Tickets may not be conducted within 1,000 feet of Frontier Park.

Download the Cheyenne Frontier Days Season Ticket Club Membership Policy & Guidelines