July 19-28, 2024

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The Rodeo: Bull Riding

  • July 20-28 at 1 p.m.
  • Arena
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Tough Competition

Gaining popularity in the nineteenth century, Bull Riding started as a competition among cowboys to determine who was the toughest rider. Starting on small ranches and moving to wild west shows and finally going on its own, bull riding has become the rodeos most popular event to-date.

Some Bulls even become more famous than the riders, a Bull named “Mr. T” bucked off every bull riding champ of the 1980s. He was ridden for the first time in Cheyenne. Only two other men ever rode “Mr T” before he was retired in 1990.


The rider must hang on with one hand for 8 seconds to qualify. Sounds easy, right?

The Record

Holder: Lynn Uptmor

Year: 1999

Score: 94 Points

... getting to come here to Cheyenne, it’s been quite the deal of the century. It’s special to be a part of something that's tradition and history - not to mention the greats that have been here. It’s just, it’s awesome. - Cody Webster
It's Just Awesome