July 19-28, 2024

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The Rodeo: Team Roping

  • July 20-28 at 1 p.m.
  • Arena
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When one man just ain’t enough

Team Roping started in the old working ranches of the west, when two ropers were needed because the size of the animal was too much for a single man. One cowboy would rope the steer around the horns while the second would rope the legs to allow for branding or vaccination. These skills are essential to a working ranch and are still in use. Team Roping is an event that both men and women compete together.


The Header and Heeler, work together to rope a 600 pound steer in the quickest time to win

Here in Cheyenne the Steer is given a 30 foot head start, if the rider starts before than, he is given a 10 second penalty in given.

The Record

Holders: Steve Purcella & Britt Bockius

Year: 2004

Score: 6.0 Seconds