July 19-28, 2024


Introducing the Official Podcast of Cheyenne Frontier Days!

Stories are the heart of Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD), and sharing them with one another is as rich a tradition as our event itself. 

From nostalgic looks back at where CFD has been, to exciting conversations about where we’re going next,
you’ll hear it all first—right here on the Official Podcast of Cheyenne Frontier Days, recorded live in historic Cheyenne, Wyoming! 

Episode #1:
Cheyenne Frontier Days Nostalgia with Diane Shober and Tom Hirsig

Join Diane Shober, Executive Director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism, and our own Tom Hirsig, Cheyenne Frontier Days President and CEO, as they share:

  • The “fluke” that led to the very first Cheyenne Frontier Days, all the way back in 1897
  • Tom’s earliest CFD memories, including seeing the cast of “Gunsmoke” on stage
  • What makes our volunteers, and the experience of volunteering, something you won’t experience anywhere else
  • Which CFD keepsake “every cowboy knows” and can recognize across the room
  • Why Tom still chokes up when talking about his final competition in our arena
  • Ways you’ll see us stay on the cutting edge in the future, while still keeping our strong Western Heritage at the forefront

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