July 19-28, 2024


Eras of Western Women 1800-1895

The women whose stories you’re about to hear are more than celebrated names from Wyoming’s history; they’re women whose strength, confidence,
and resilience exemplify the spirit of the Wyoming cowgirl… and whose impact shaped the West as we know it today.

Episode #1:
Eras of Western Women 1800-1895

Kicking off the first of four special podcast episodes honoring the Year of the Cowgirl, Diane Shober (Executive Director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism) and Mike Castle (Associate Director and Curator of Collections at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum) celebrate:

  • Sacajawea, who played a pivotal role in the success of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • The brave women who left behind everything they knew to forge a path—and a future—in the West
  • Wyoming’s early suffragettes, including Esther Hobart Morris… who has an incredibly unique link to Cheyenne Frontier Days
  • Louisa Swain, the first woman to legally cast a ballot in a general election
  • Therese Jenkins, credited with saving women’s suffrage in Wyoming

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